2019 Code of Conduct

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2019 Code of Conduct

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    Youth participating in the Jump Start U4 College Program have been afforded a tremendous opportunity by the sacrificial efforts of parent(s)/guardian(s), the Gaddis family and our volunteers. It is expected that all participants are positioned to fully benefit from this experience. To that end, the following are expectations of each participant.

    1. GroupMe or Text messages will be utilized to communicate to the group as needed. If you have a mobile number, we need it. You are responsible to respond if requested, no exceptions. 2. Make the pre-tour schedule a priority. The sessions are designed: to equip and prepare you for the campus visits, to allow participants and chaperones to become acquainted, and, to add to the arsenal of tools that will guide you through high school to college.

    1. Be prompt.
    2. Be attentive.
    3. Be engaged

    3. We have scheduled appointments with the schools. Adherence to tour schedule is imperative and impacts the experience of all tour participants.

    1. Sleep: We move along rapidly. Make sure that you use the night hours for sleeping and do not keep your roommates awake at night.
    2. Observe wake-up and curfew times as printed on the schedule.
    3. Always be prompt to the bus for departure times.
    4. Be prompt to any “meeting” time established when free time has been made available.

    4. During the campus visits:

    1. Ask questions. Take notes. You are the customer. When asking a question, please stand, state your name, speak loud and clear. This is at least one opportunity to make an impression on someone who may be reviewing your admissions application. Hint: Do your own research on each of the campuses we are visiting prior to our arrival.
    2. Be attentive during the admissions presentation and during the walking tour. Avoid side conversations. Keep up with the group during the walking tours. No mobile devices should be use unless you are taking notes.

    5. Respect yourself. Always strive to model the best representation of YOU, your family and this organization

    1. Dress appropriately at all times. Wear a belt if needed (males and females). Saggin’ is prohibited. As well, young men should not wear hats in buildings. Do-rags, curlers, certain scarves (i.e. bed wear), bandannas or items associated with gang colors, signs are unacceptable.
    2. Dress comfortably and neatly. No short-shorts (male and female), “wife beater” tee shirts, clothes that are sexually suggestive/provocative, or, containing profanity or negative images are prohibited.
    3. Hair styles should be neat. Grooming of hair in public is inappropriate.
    4. In the hotels, please wear shoes and appropriate clothing in the lobby.
    5. Be courteous to hotel, college and other personnel we will encounter.
    6. Noise in the hotels, halls should be kept at respectable levels as there are other guests in the hotel.
    7. Notify your mentor if you will take advantage of hotel amenities such as laundry, swimming and fitness areas.
    8. Straighten your room before “check-out” - do not trash it! Check your room carefully for personal items before leaving each hotel.

    6. Respect one another. Respect your mentors/chaperones. Exhibit personal responsibility, integrity, and good choices.

    1. Be considerate of your room mates, i.e. their space, belongings, desire to rest.
    2. Observe personal hygiene. Water immersion should be a daily practice. Bring adequate toiletries and personal items and use them daily. Bring sufficient undergarments and clothing for the entire trip. Some hotels are equipped with laundry facilities however it is doubtful you will have time to utilize this service.
    3. Theft is prohibited.
    4. Taunting, inappropriate teasing, name calling, fighting and possession of any weapons (firearms, knifes) is prohibited.
    5. Any form of harassment (sexual, sexual orientation, religious orientation and so forth), inappropriate and obscene language, including profanity and derogatory racial terms are prohibited.
    6. The use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol and other non-prescription drugs not registered with the staff and listed on your medical form is prohibited.
    7. Remove all trash from the bus of the floor and observe a reasonable tone of voice at all times.
    8. Embrace people who may be different than you – expand your horizon.
    9. PDA is prohibited. While we understand mutual admiration of the opposite sex is natural, public display of affection is inappropriate. A member of the opposite sex, regardless if related, is prohibited.

    6. Other:

    1. Money and other valuables should never be left unattended. Loan money and personal items at your own risk.
    2. Any damage done to the room will be charged to you or your parents
    3. Do not use the room phone to make outgoing calls. Please use your cell phone. Charges incurred are your own.
    4. Do not rent movies or consume items from the room bar (if available). Charges incurred are your own.
    5. Do not ever wander off from the hotel or group without a chaperone. The rule is “two-by-two” even if going to the ice machine in the hotel.
    6. Students must be in their assigned rooms by 11:00 p.m. (no exceptions!) per our hotel contract. There will be room checks.Students found out of their rooms after curfew are subject to be sent home at the parent’s expense.
    7. If you plan to have relatives or family friends visit you during the tour, please plan on visiting with them at the hotel AND chaperone must be notified by parent in writing via text. No Exceptions.
    8. Budget: Please arrange your daily budget. The tour will not make any detours to find an ATM.
    9. Notify your mentor/chaperone immediately if you or a fellow student becomes ill.
    10. Any electronic gadgets, videos, CD’s, Laptops, I-Pods should be taken at your own risk.
    11. Assure that the volume of music equipment is a safe volume for your ears and those around you.
    12. Participate in group activities.

    Violation of items: 2. b) and c) will result in a call home. 5. c) d) e) and f) and 6. b) e) f) are grounds for immediate expulsion and youth will be sent home at the parents expense.

  • I have read, understand and agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct as outlined and understand further that expulsion from the trip can and will occur when deemed in the best interest of the violator and/or all parties concerned. As Parent/Guardian of the above named student, I acknowledge full understanding of the Code of Conduct and the consequences thereof, including my financial responsibility if my child to returns to Columbus, Ohio early.


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